New units are under construction


Like a shirt?  Email us, and we'll send you one!  $20, includes tax and shipping within the US.  We only carry XL right now., but if enough people ask, we will offer them in more sizes and colors.

Under construction right now... NOT PICTURED....  4 seat, Cummins Diesel powered unit.


We started with a mint truck with 50,000 miles that was a roll over when a deer ran in front of the driver.

As most guys know, a Cummins will go 600,000 miles, so it's barely broken in...


Start date was 3/27/2015 and should be completed in 5 months.


I will take a FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit on this unit, and if you don't like the unit when finished I will refund your full deposit.  I do this so I don't have to decide who to sell the unit to when there are multiple buyers for a completed unit.  First to make a deposit holds the machine for that person.