New unit is under construction

This two seat machine is under construction.  It is a fresh build, powered by a Ford 7.3L Diesel, with an automatic trans, electric shift transfer case.  It is riding on 54" Michelin radials, 90% tread life, on double beadlock, two piece rims.


Price of this unit is $75,000. 


Standard price for a two seat machine is $50,000 PLUS the cost of your donor vehicle and rims/tires.

We use, exclusively, Ford Excusrions as the base donor vehicle, gas or diesel.  These range in price from $16,000 (GAS V-10) to $28,000 (DIESEL).  We use low mileage vehicles, and go through all the mechanicals prior to the build.


Based upon the above cost for a donor, plus our fee to deconstruct, inspect, and build the new unit, you will have a final cost of approximately $62-75k for one of the two seat units.  A four seater requires  UPPER frame addition, BUT IS THE SAME WHEELBASE AS A 2 SEAT.  Additional seating with a more "driver forward" design to maintain the standard wheelbase.  The cost of the four seat model adds approximately $9-10k.